Mcdowell school

I can’t wait till I go to McDowell  it is going to be so much fun to meet new people and new friends. I will like everybody because they all sound nice and no one sounds mean. I can’t wait because I want to do sport and other things. I’m so happy I get to go my friends said it was fun the first day they got there and nobody was mean to my friends.

When I go to McDowell I’m going to do my best and study a lot and not be mean and do what I am supposed to do and listen.  I like all the teachers there they are all nice to everybody and they don’t look mean but that does not mean that they are not mean.  I also get some of the teachers that I had when I was in 5th grade and I know for a fact they are not mean. Unless you get them mad and that never happens well it does but not that much.

The class I want to be in the most is Mrs.Griffey and Mrs.Caudill because they are so nice to everybody. I can;t wait it looked so fun to be there I wish I was there today It was so cool and fun.


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D.A.R.E. Is a program to keep kids off drugs and to be healthy. Never make bad decisions and to always say no. D.A.R.E. stands for two things and one is Define Assess Respond Evaluate and the other is Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

The things that I have learned In D.A.R.E. is not to do anything bad and never to smoke because It can give you health and respiratory problems. It can also give you lung cancer . smoking can also cause yellow teeth and smelly breath. You could suffer from shortness of breath and dizziness.

Also In D.A.R.E. we talk about our peers and how peers keep you out of doing bad things and doing what is right. Being  healthy and not to mess up your body. Peers are your friends and they don’t let you make bad choices.

I like D.A.R.E. because it shows you how you will turn out if you do bad things like when Dept. Thomas brought in smoking Suzy, Mr. Dip lip and the jar of tar it was nasty. That showed everybody in the class room that to never smoke or chew.

I also don’t want to make bad choices because I want to accomplish something in my life than spending all my money on cigarettes. I have seen people who was really smart and then the start making bad choices and I do not want to the same thing.

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Dear Mr.Mcguire

Dear Mr.Mcguire

My book is called The Kind of Friends We Used to Be. It is a really good book it is the second out of the series. I really like this book. I’m so glad that I read it. I really did like it so much. It is funny sometimes and sad sometimes. I wish they had a third book to the series and I wish they had a movie.

My book is strange because Kate and Marylin are friends one day and then they are not friends the next day. Like one day they had a fight and then they where not friends till a week later. Then the next chapter they was hanging out together and then they where was not friends again.

My book is surprising because I did not think Kate and Marylin would not be friends at the end.  When I read the last chapter they was best friends it surprised me a lot that they was friends. they was hanging out doing what best friends do. At the beginning they wanted to be friends but they did not know how to be best friends again.

I would recommend this book to anybody that has not read this book yet.

April Happeny

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Why my book is exciting!

Dear Mr. McGuire

The author makes my book exciting because you will be reading one page then something happens on the next page and you can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m reading Journal of a schoolyard bully It Is so exciting I just want to jump out of my seat cause it is so exciting.

If anybody wanted a funny exciting book I would recommend journal of a schoolyard bully I love this book so much. I think I would read it again if I was allowed and all of the bulling is funny but if it was in real life I don’t think it would be so funny. I think it as also funny when Niko tried to pretend he was sick and his mom yield at him it was so funny.

Niko is a funny bully he says funny stuff and in one part he got stuck it was so funny I just about died laughing the author is so funny.

April Happeny

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If I was the best!

I’m good at making jokes and making people laugh. I think I would be really good at going around like this person on you tube. I think how everybody thinks I’m so funny I should be on a comedy channel. I think I would make a impact on people to be funny.

I like making faces at people for know reason. I think I would be good at making people. I would probable go in a hospital and make sick kids happy.

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They are  caring when your hurt
there when someone dies
friends are the best people you could have
there  by your side all the time!are nice
have a blast with each other
all love animals
are giving some are
we like to hang out
love to get on Facebook.

they are bff tell the end
even if you fight they are there for you
no matter what
if you say something mean say sorry
if not you won’t talk to them again.

watch what you say
be nice and they will be nice

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My Life

the first thing I want to do in the future is Graduate!or i would like to be

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Singers and Actors I like

I like taylor swift i love her songs
I like all of these singers

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Christmas Eve

Christmas eve
we open our presents
and we thank you each and every way
then we open our stocking after
and all of is kid thank you for everything you do
for us you are the best mom then we all
get dressed and I do my hair  and i pull you in the room and do your hair
then and you make us dinner and we play games
then the next day we get up get dresses
and we do our hair and then we go down to
grandmas and we have family time with everybody
and we open our presents and we have super fun
there and then we will all chill
and i will be trying to work my new presents
and everybody will be talking
thank you for everything you do for me mom

April H.

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sad people going
house to house
trying not to be
homeless Trying
to get a job but
they can’t

sleeping under the
bridge Not knowing
where to go
But they always
find there way

walking around
town with dirty clothes
digging in the trash to find
scrapes of food or old clothes

will people ever get help
only like 50% of people care
about the homeless
why don’t anybody care anymore

we sit in our homes looking
out the windows seeing people
walking up and down the street
is this sad to you do you care about
the homeless

just think if you was homeless
what would you do?

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